20 junho, 2013

The geothermal drilling machines (english)

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The drilling machines geotermica
Best seller akl-i-15 horizontal drilling equipment, U.S. $ 51.500 to 63.200 / Complete set.
As in the beginning of the oil no man alone has the capital necessary to carry on a revolution energetic. Have the financial capital is not enough need capital, who will work.
 Russia the homeland of social revolutions, where the cold survival is taken to the extreme.

xcmg xc200d rotativo grande equipamento de perfuração

FOB Price:

U.S. $ 10.000 to 100.000 / UnidadeObter Last Price
Minimum order quantity:
1 Unit / Units
Supply Ability:
100 Unit / Units per Week
Delivery time:
about 20 days after deposit
Terms of payment:
L / C, T / T

Hydraulic drilling machine crawler geothermal
Geothermal drilling machine hydraulic crawler YGL-150R is mainly applied to drill hole geothermal GSHP system. It is also used to create the drain hole and large tonnage drill hole prestressed to various geotechnical engineering projects, including dams, tilt, roads and railways, etc.., Pilot holes for jet grouting High pressure in the layer of gravel and blast hole, etc..
In addition, the drilling rig is ideal for drilling anchor for tall buildings with deep basement foundation, holes anchor anti-floating hole fundamental strengthening of interior architecture, enhanced by cementation hole, hole reinforcement of road or foundation of the dam, and drill hole for projects to prevent landslides.
1. With large rotary torque and long-haul travel, the geothermal drilling machine hydraulic crawler comes with high-speed drilling and high working efficiency.
2. The output shaft of the powerhead is designed with an extension mechanism (Chinese Patent Number: ZL03222451.6), which effectively protects the drilling tools.
3. The head of motorized machine uses the gear change mechanism that ensures hydraulic quick, convenient and reliable shifting.
4. Features such as drill pipe clamp for hydraulic devices and key facilitates the workload of the operators, as they are designed to perform tasks that would normally be done manually
5. A hydraulic drilling machine geothermal crawler chassis is mounted on a track mechanism with a rotating platform, which is convenient and displacement movement.
6. The key elements are all hydraulic acquired from renowned national and international companies. This ensures reliable performance and durability of the drilling rig.
7. The machine is suitable for a variety of techniques and methods of drilling, such as rotary drill bit, drill bit, impact hammer drive air DTH and so on.
1. Drilling depth: 250 ~ 100 m
2. Drilling diameter: 200 mm Φ150-
3. Rotational speed of the motorized head (forward / Revero): Normal: 25/50 rpm, 51/102 rpm;
4. Rotational speed of the motorized head (forward / reverse): Accelerated: 41/82 rpm, 83/166 rpm;
5. Max torque output of the powerhead: 8500 Nm
6. Course motorized power head: 3800 mm
7. Max lifting capacity of the motorized head: 65 kN
8. Max thrust force of the motorized head: 45 kN
9. Course compensation device mast: 800 mm
10. Climbing ability: 20 °
11. Range of rotation of the platform: -30 ~ 90
12. Engine power: Diesel Engine: 71 kW; Electromotor: +18.5 37 kW
13. Overall size (smaller type): about 6100 × 2000 × 2300mm
14. Total weight: About 8000kg
15. Optional equipment:
a) 1.1 ton winch tool (with crown pulley)
b) Slurry Pump BW-250
c) the dust vacuum cleaner device so wet
d) Device squeal of the drill rod
Commercial terms
1. Minimum order: 1pcs
2. Delivery cycle: 0-7 months
3. Port of embarkation: Wuxi / Shanghai
4. Payment Terms: Payment delivery
5. International markets: USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, France, Morocco, Armenia, Oman, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Congo, Sudan , and more.
Jinfan is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic drilling machine on geothermal mats in China. In addition to geothermal drilling machine, drilling machine pulls also offer core drilling machine for jet grouting, drilling machine for exploration, machine perfuradorfa anchoring, drilling machine on mats, and more.


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Toyota Will Sell You a Hydrogen-Powered Car Next Year

After decades of big promises, false starts, and meager infrastructure, the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will go on sale in the United States next year. It’s coming from Toyota, which promises a range of 300 miles and a fill-up time of less than five minutes — once you’ve actually found a station that stocks the stuff.
The unnamed camo-clad engineering prototype that Toyota unveiled at CES looks remarkably similar to a Toyota Corolla. The automaker, which has spent the past year flogging the car in some of the hottest and coldest places on the continent, claims the emissions-free sedan will put out more than 100 kW (over 130 horsepower) and do zero to 60 in around 10 seconds.
“We aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel; just everything necessary to make them turn,” said Bob Carter, Toyota’s senior veep of U.S. auto operations. “For years, the use of hydrogen gas to power an electric vehicle has been seen by many smart people as a foolish quest. Yes, there are significant challenges. The first is building the vehicle at a reasonable price for many people. The second is doing what we can to help kick-start the construction of convenient hydrogen refueling infrastructure.”
Just how reasonable a price remains to be seen, because so far Toyota’s not saying what the car will cost, or even what it will be called. But the automaker says that, after a decade’s work, it has dramatically reduced the cost of building a fuel cell powertrain. Toyota estimates the cost of building a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has fallen 95 percent since it built its first prototype in 2002, and according to Toyota spokeswoman Jana Hartline, Toyota will give consumers “a variety of options” when its hydrogen vehicle goes on sale. Given that the true cost of Honda’s FCX Clarity — which could only be leased, not bought — was estimated at well over $1 million, that’s a welcome reduction.
The technology’s other Achilles’ heel has long been the fueling infrastructure, or rather the lack of it. For that reason, Toyota will limit sales to California. Toyota has joined UC Irvine’s Advanced Power and Energy Program to map out where additional stations should be placed based on things like existing ownership of EVs and hybrids, population density and traffic patterns. Using that model, they say 68 stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego would be required at initial launch.
California currently has nine public hydrogen fueling stations, mostly around Los Angeles and San Francisco. Another 19 are under development, and the California Energy Commission has allocated $29.9 million for the next round of infrastructure development. All told, California has approved $200 million in funding to build hydrogen stations throughout the state in 2015. Another 20 stations are expected in 2016, with a total of 100 statewide by 2024.
A slow roll-out, to be sure, and something that Toyota plans to address on its own, with Carter saying, “Stay tuned, because this infrastructure thing is going to happen.”


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