11 outubro, 2013

Los Angels Landing (english)

Christina Aguilera

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Los Angels Landing
My name is Duke .
 This is my world.
 Los Angels city abode of Gods , 13 years after peak oil has one of the world's highest rates of penetration of hydrogen technology .
 These streets where God inhabit the bodies of men . The fiction become reality in every street in every corner.
 The progression of the hydrogen economy was due to the will of a man Arnold Schwarzenegger , nicknamed Terminator .
 A fleet of fuel cell buses running through the streets , the high cost in obtaining hydrogen was appeased . When oil on international markets exceeded $ 100 a barrel , renewables have become the replacement.
 The cost of this change and its implementation left the bankrupt state of California .
 Renewables are unsustainable without oil. All this massive infrastructure you see . Towering buildings , gigantic suburbs , paved roads , is more expensive . Unbearable ...
 We flew over the suburbs in the mountainous area and we can see a forest fire that devours so precious .
 Of all the prophetic Hollywood films there were many who prophesied this moment .
 The failure of the federal state of the United States of America .
 We arrived ace vicinity of Los Angels International Airport . A team from the army is testing with an old F16 converted to hydrogen .
 The helicopter landed on the beach near the road that runs alongside the western part of the airport.
 The Pacific Ocean . The ripple calm in the evening left many onlookers waiting.
 Does the shooting of a movie? Does preventing terrorism?
 The F16 will quietly flying ace with antennas placed strategically control traffic around the airport. Go fulfilling its function , preventing any flying vehicle or aircraft enter the airspace without permission .
 A civilian airliner , a Boeing Dream Liner is approaching in the distance . The key moment of the test , the antennas send a first signal to F16 to put down . Given the persistence of the F16 is sent a second signal that automatically takes control of the F16 flight , forcing it to land .
 It's like a remote-controlled drone .
 We are the Sky Car.

Other realities

The first reading takes us to a reading amused , sometimes achieved some not so . " If I enjoy writing because I write is worth it ."
 A seemingly silly idea becomes an outlet for humor and a fun read everyday .
" Because laughter is the best medicine . "
 The Portuguese <cartoon> in drawing or cartoon characters has as monkeys around a oil well.
Transparent plane will allow you to see the sky in 2050 ( Green Savers )
Airbus has unveiled a futuristic airplane design that will allow passengers to see the sky . It is expected the aircraft to be a reality in 2050 .
Aces of heights
There goes the siren that warns of the air raid
Then comes the sound of guns firing antiaircraft fire
Coming out of the confusion , we have to take planes
We have to take off for the imminent attack

Jump in the cockpit and start up the engines
Remove the wheel locks , no time to lose
Gathering speed down the runway while
We have to take off before it's too late

Running, scrambling , flying
Rolling, turning , diving, going in again
Running, scrambling , flying
Rolling , turning, diving
Run, live to fly , fly to live , fly or die
( You will not ... ? ) Run, live to fly , fly to live
Aces Heights

Entering the shooting training bombing
Let off a sharp burst and then turn around
Lunge , rotate and come in behind them
Log into your blind spots and shoot again

Bandits at 8 hours coming behind us
Ten ME -109 hiding in the sun
Ascending and turning our Spitfires to face them
Going straight for them I shoot my guns

Rolling , turning, diving
Rolling, turning , flying , going back
Rolling , turning, diving
Rolling , turning, diving
Run, live to fly , fly to live , fly or die
( You will not ... ? ) Run, live to fly , fly to live
Aces Heights

 Hydrogen buses , or see them , only geothermal yonder in the Azores .
 The decisions taken by politicians in power , the government in power at the time of this writing have negative consequences at all levels .
 The design of the Hydrogen buses to the city of Porto was canceled . Reason for lack of a supplier of Hydrogen . The offer of the Hydrogen bus to Faro some behind had an identical reason .
 Apologies and only grudgingly . About provides buses also provide all the equipment for hydrogen.
 The geothermal project in the center of the country , was abandoned , cut off funding .
 - Other decision was possible ?
 - Yes it was !
 - Suffice to cut expenses , which should be cut .
 - The cut of one third of the fleet of the state , which is located will around 30 thousand vehicles would save millions .

Imagine what I write below was applied to our species. What I have seen out there is a castration natural camouflage . " We have to emasculate them to avoid that degladiem and appear dead by accident . "
Is lawful neutering cats in order to control their populations ? These species will not be able to do alone ? The blonde woman who lies to eat cats going, after a good talk with me . I see it going in the rearview mirror , red shirt and black spandex tights .
I turned on my car and walked. Days later I returned to find the blond cats .
Only we look not talk .
There was her curiosity , why? Memories of the land of the invention of the machine, where the summer ends oil . Naked
that daughter of the North Sea appears .
It is a thin blonde and beautiful , the blonde cats .
Your look is the will to love me. About castrations or word , yes about cats . This is the woman who accompanies me in reality. In the up and down movements of a piston burn up energy, get moving bodies . This is the machine that accompanies me in mobility .

Vila do Bispo
 São Paulo he slightly opens the page in a book chosen by him and read . At the time of this writing we are in the 13th year of the Long Emergency Oil or order at the time that the world is facing one of the biggest assaults , to be legally executed . Cyprus ... Stopped reading the hiss of a boat whistle that rises above the river . Let him , the book, unlike open on the table . Look out the window and sees the crowd that Pier One hopes that the boat docks and bring something more than salt Santos . Remember something that was written in any other page of the beginning of the book .
I am that no one takes seriously . What writes on energy decisions that should have been taken by the governments of our countries and which were not . But today the boat does not bring salt, brings a machine that makes people curious about what will be its purpose . Tracks, a small cockpit and front arm vertical hydraulic fit where the many iron pipes that accompany one side .

Talk bar playing everyday . So you end up as the narrator ? Ja ! Lets read while other babies . And start reading .. ? Blond or black , sagre ? Or Super Bock ? Brazilian or Portuguese because we also have Skoll . From her countrywoman acabadinha arrived from Madeira. Coral ! In crossing two roads are famous .
The National Highway no. ... sneaks up north among cliffs and beaches with difficult access . Aljezur is just the first stop in Costa Vincentian which extends until the Alentejo Setubal , where the Sado kisses Arrábida . The other national road n.125 out Sagres through all the towns of the Algarve and goes up to Vila Real de Santo António , where it ends on the bank of the Guadiana to shrink Portuguese Spanish lands . - 8:08 Nóia Radio Fm radio one bla , bla , made ​​for us ... - You have a knack for radio , but spare me, music is not better than invent ? - Welcome to the afternoon program , stay in our pleasant company , to the sound of music invented in the best time .
- Truth , who will invent music now . - Brisa , the beautiful voice of Brazilian Rose Gale ...
- You want me to sing ? I sing impromptu ? Ahh , ahh ...
- Dear listener sing, the taste of 4 Brisas .
- If you were to taste four beers !
- The second best song ever ... ! The wind blows the sand , the white foam of the waves . I'm the cool breeze , lovely breeze from the north .
I'm the salty breeze , salty air to come in March I am a warm breeze , east wind , do not bring good marriage ...
- Continued ... Missing a breeze !
I am the breeze of the air conditioning and drink beer .
- Ahhhh , I liked , I liked . The laughter , the joy is interrupted by the siren of the ambulance passing at speed towards Aljezur . The ruins of one of five mills for which he was known in ancient times Vila do Bispo , is seen at the top of one of the hills . By contrast two other mills converted into holiday home stand and show the best that could be done with the monuments left neglected . The lack of sensitivity of those who hold political power , to the heritage of these small towns , let these treasures at the mercy of speculators . The location of the other two mills are occupied by buildings without rules . I look around in the passage does not glimpse any signs of existence of cearas . We are in the beginning of October I know. The sun has post still visible beyond the horizon , but visibility allows to make sure that the fields are abandoned . The question remains , would be worth keeping only 5 mills on a whim ? Who sees a want others to see ? Thought so politicians have forgotten this land and the beauty of Sagres , this rather unique.

 Wheat in these parts since neither donkeys , donkeys bring . Barley could feed industry this beer I drink as I contemplate some of these plants unworthy stops . Velvety flowers , resistant to salt spray and strong will water scarcity , shrubs strong and robust , almost prickly small leaves. Goats will eat that here ? The grass covers the hills and passage of a rabbit jumping in sight on the road, because the wet grass soaks through your brown . page - 4 ç ã õ will is â ê í ó
The remains of the agricultural heritage of Vila do Bispo , disappears buried by new hamlets . Vacation condos and county roads that disfigure the hills where stands the tower of water . The sun went behind the cliffs that hide the horizon Atlantic . The blackness of the storm looms over the village protected between the beach and the slopes . The public lighting that comes down the hill until the sea is slowly giving a yellowish-white buildings ace . Hard to imagine this little land as having been nearly abandoned once the breadbasket of the Algarve . I would call it something else more beautiful than Vila do Bispo . Would call it the four land breezes . Through the car window can envisage the streetlight and the rain falling outside. The curves of the streets , small hills, the houses of the small village of Bishop you see instantly illuminated by flashes of lightning discharges eletricas . After the roar of the brakes to announce camp in the sky . The first restaurant opened find shelter and warmth for a dinner deserved . Park the truck in the first parking spot next to the awning and go quickly. The environment of realistic tales and stories told by people who know the wind and the sea are greeted by a young man . A breeze from the air conditioning acclimated contrasts with the wind and the heavy rain of the street where to 19h00 this afternoon has not anyone. A young brunette comes up to the table displaying a letter , where the menu is written .
- Be at ease .
- Thank you .
- They want to drink as they choose ?
- A Super Bock , small please.
- I want a Sagres media. The young woman has traits distinctly Slavic . The skull is elongated . The black hair that still retains the natural color , this caught in ponytail with bangs covering the forehead and large ears medias to be noted . The small nose of moderate climates , somewhat normal hereabouts Portuguese , hardly noticeable. The two round brown eyes contrast with the makeup of a light violet little heavy that covers the skin between the eyebrows and eyelashes black . The silky lips painted with a pink baton highlight white teeth that appear when you talk or when he smiles . The oval face shows signs characteristic of the South Slavs among them , there is beauty, synchronizes the movements of his cheeks .

I am so in love with this sub race, Slavs who do not even know how to describe it really it is. The thick legs , elegant never bigger than your belly , make a classic silhouette a Greek sculpture . The breasts spun up by elegance, are proportional to body waxing and the description of female beauty .
- Lets read while you ask a beer .
And begins to read ... ? 18 A young woman , 20 years beautiful of approximately 1.60 m , using a rich allusive to the restaurant approaches with a notepad . His black hair stuck by two simple hooks highlights her face and her green eyes . The voice slightly agitated pronounces the usual gentle question in a different accent from the rest of the Algarve.
- What will you want to eat ? - For now we just want something to drink while we choose .
- I drink one Sagres .
- I want a Super Bock . The girl in the restaurant behind the beers and waits , by request from inside the kitchen when someone calls . - Crystal the phone rings, it's for you , is your mother .
You will hear the conversation clearly .
- Mother because it takes so there is rain. Makes a silence while listening to the person on the other end .
- Come quickly that it is night . Hang up the phone , but the concern continues to be felt in its expression .
- What?
- My mother so long in coming there from the beach . A car that falls on the descent of the cliff she says . - With the storm that you are looking for these people on the cliff ? Someone comes in and coming to the counter speaks in voice criticism . Thin man , beard trim , sailor cap , of veras has a aspedo disgusting. His eyes stuck , look around and tape all seats.
- You are here ! What do you want ? Go fast!
- What do you want ? But how is this to treat a customer .
- You've already said they do not want you here! - If it or Camon Brazilian was well served . The girl who comes to serve with the boss. Cries and apologizes for the actions of man . page - 6 ç ã õ will is â ê í ó
people sitting at tables stare . She is the one who asks quietly . From another table or continue to eat so perhaps do not realize the language . The man crosses the look with a Brazilian and sit on the right to speak to him seeming to guess his nationality . A xenophobic comment out of his mouth .
- Brazilian women are all whores .
- What did I tell you ? That was not to come back here to enter . Sai let me make a living .

The restaurant owner avoiding greater losses for the house image retracts and a smile to the table that had remained there until the edge of the event. But it prevents the table from Brazil , where he was directed to review the Madeiran stand up and take satisfaction.
- What was that you said . Would repeat of a xenophobic asshole . By putting a hand on his neck and grabbing her arm forces him out into the street where the rain falls heavily . Arrivals to the street the disgusting man runs just grab the first object it sees, an ashtray . When you sit back now just a kick hit him in the head . Falls into the water that runs and only hears a voice telling her to him .
- Want to repeat what you said in there . The disgusting man gets up and runs down the street from the rain , disappearing around the corner . Runs after breathing and changes direction looking for something you know. Guided by the sound coming from the Church , we arrive at the door . Among some fies Mass Saturday looking it all soaked in water , besides looking more at the altar and looks intently at the priest is at the altar . The familiar look of the priest seems to calm him and by this time kneeling . Briefly . Gets up and running again this time looking whence comes the sound of the sea. Runs quietly to the small port that is familiar . For beside the boat and remembers the first time he saw that the Greek port of Corinth . Was a child but the beauty of this woman intensely attracted , like it did not screen as a stepmother , but as something more than just his father had . He felt jealous of the Viking sea when he came on deck and saw them embracing, will bare the bunk that boat . When it came Sagres took refuge in the church , went to his mother as he always did . But did not find her already gone. Left or to the care of that priest who led the banquet in the house of mills , taking advantage of the Viking went out to sea. Rose Gale as he called him and tried to give him a decent living , but it was not possible. There was inconvenient truths spoken by everyone who was actually his father . The Viking knew it because her mother left her in a letter written years later would read as finally reached full age . Your hatred of pink wind increased and that it is not half-brother of the four daughters of wind breezes , left open the possibility of a relationship. Mad love never materialized , first by Coral breeze sea breeze that brought the taste of salt air and on days like this storm became deadly .
Someone approached , but did not speak . A man of dark raincoat in hand had the umbrella that served as a staff , a shepherd who sought his lost sheep in the storm . Was silent a few meters to contemplate his sheep on the edge of the small pier . A sheep never shoots , says her experience.

Covers only the climate , the passage , try to search the Bock cool breeze from the north and announcing the morning calm. The breeze from the north was the daughter of Rose windstorm that freed the Viking . Your breath meant the seaman went to the northern seas for a long time . Pastor clears his throat a cough roca , just to tell you that there this . Now that the Viking went to Asgard he's all yours . Love the breeze North becomes cold, cold . A true winter that will depend even more that pastor and his banquets . All in the name of the Lord and the forgiveness of sins . What god was that? That created a pastor to corrupt the sheep ? The silence between them is broken by suit and warm embrace . A warmth from father to son , but it was the son of the pastor. That man who one day saved the warm sweet breeze Crystal Wind east and its passion for almoreada third daughter of the Viking Rose and wind. In Spain not good winds nor good marriages . Sent him to seminary to study and become a man . But salvation in the house of the Lord , was never achieved . Met new friends , new addictions taught by fellow seminarians . The drug was separated from the good and heated breeze from east announcing the spring, has become a hot wind almoreado a crazy demand for water in a summer that has plants of cannabis , even more rich and powerful . - Enjoy the calm eye of the storm and do what you gotta do . - Place me into the sea to save the poor wretches and sink the boat that carries the drug ?
- Yes ! The sea is just this good rain. page - 8 ç ã õ will ê â í ó
is there another person in the dock , perhaps a wolf . But in these parts ? It is the mystery hidden in the night over who was the third man . We returned to the restaurant where Sagres fourth daughter of Rosa Gale environmentalist restaurant with the breeze tempered air conditioned . A police car to the door and out comes two guards , the back door of a lady with her 55 years have difficulty leaving due to the bag behind you. Enter and when you open the door of the restaurant a sort of wind comes sweeping polluted air smells cooked . Smells of sea, wind and the fish. Put down the bag embraces the young daughter and speaks Greek, which almost never speaks . Yes Rosa Gale is Greek . A black mercedes passes through them at high speed , excessive tell yourself .


Boeing lança avião não-tripulado movido a hidrogênio

Empresa faz aeronave ‘ecológica’ com motor feito pela Ford

por Redação Galileu
A Boeing apresentou o Phantom Eye, seu novo avião a hidrogênio não tripulado. O protótipo poderá voar por quatro dias a quase 20 km de altura. “O Phantom Eye é o primeiro do tipo e pode iniciar um negócio novo de recolhimento de dados e comunicações”, diz o presidente da Boeing Phantom Works, Darryl Davis. Há uma grande chance deste avião ser empregado para a espionagem no futuro.
Boeing photo

Até o final desta temporada de verão, nos Estados Unidos, o avião deverá ser levado para a Base Aérea de Edwards na Califórnia para iniciar preparação para seu primeiro voo. O teste acontecerá no início de 2011 e deve durar de quatro a oito horas.
O avião pode não ter o design mais bonito, mas será ecológico. “A propulsão a hidrogênio será a chave do sucesso do Phantom Eye. É muito eficiente, oferece uma grande economia de combustível, e o único subproduto gerado é a água, então, é também uma aeronave ‘verde’ ”, diz Drew Mallow, gerente do programa Phantom Eye.
A aeronave deve atingir uma velocidade aproximada de 277 quilômetros por hora e carregar até 200 quilos. Tem dois motores de 2,3 litros de quatro cilindros, com 150 cv cada (300 cv no total). Seria o equivalente ao novo Ford Mustang V6, de 305 cv, a comparação é justa porque o motor foi desenvolvido pela Ford. Além dela, Nasa, Ball Aerosapace, Aurora Flight Sciences, Mahle Powertrain, Turbosolutions Engineering e a Agência de Projetos de Pesquisa de Defesa Avançados estão entre as empresas e organizações que participaram do projeto.

Meu nome é Duke. Isto é o Sky Car. Esta são Cidades do Hidrogenio e da Geotermica O trabalho apresentado neste blog, é um estudo de nichos sociais existentes em muitas das cidades visitadas. Muitos dados estão incorrectos, precisam de confirmação científica. Outros dados seguiram rigorosos critérios de investigação por muitos dos autores, a quem agradeço pelo seu trabalho. Peço desculpa por qualquer erro, baseado nas traduções do que eu escrevo aqui. Pois o meu conhecimento linguitico sobre tais linguas provem do tradutor do Google. As marcas apresentadas aqui tem todos os direitos sobre invenções ou trabalhos científicos citados. A cópia ou reprodução é punível nos termos da lei do país em que o crime de plágio é cometido. Obrigado ... Mid Night Duke ...

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The work presented in this blog, is a study in niches in the existing society in many of the cities visited.
Many data are incorrect and need scientific confirmation.
Others followed strict criteria of research by many authors, whom I thank for his work.
Any error based on reading what I write here is not my responsibility.
The trademarks presented here has all rights to inventions or scientific works mentioned. The copying or reproduction is punishable under the law of the country where the crime is committed plagiarism.
Thank you …
Mid Night Duke…

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